Holy Family Day School

Where Children Come First

Snack Time

Snack time is a very important time for children. This is a time to have a mid-morning break and enjoy each other’s company. Parents are asked to send a nutritious snack and drink. If your child eats fruits or vegetables a certain way (sliced, peeled, etc.) please sends them to school that way. Possible ideas for healthy snacks include; fresh fruit and/or vegetables, cheese and crackers, muffins, half a sandwich, granola bars, applesauce and yogurt. Please remember to send in a spoon if it will be needed. Birthday celebrations are held at snack time. Please let the teacher know if you are planning to provide a special treat for your child’s birthday. ANY treat brought in to share must list all ingredients due to the increasing number of students with various allergies.

* Due to the growing number of children with allergies to nuts, we ask that you not send peanut butter or nuts in any form to school.*